Rates at Better Bodies by Massage

Pricing in effect January 1, 2023

Rate before HST
Total Rate (incl HST 15%)
 30 minutes $60 $69
 45 minutes $80 $92
 60 minutes $100 $115
 90 minutes $140 $161
 Manual Lymph Drainage (no bandaging) $110 $126.50
 *Manual Lymph Drainage (with bandaging/wraps) $140 $161


* MLD bandages not included, allowing for a 90-minute session. If more time is needed, we will discuss the price individually.

Direct billing is available to many insurance companies. Your insurance may cover all or a portion of the treatment cost. It is up to each client to check with your provider to understand your policy. If you have two family policies, direct billing is made only to one; you will need to submit the remaining portion on your own to your secondary plan.

If you are not using insurance, additional payments can be cash, cheque, credit or debit card.