Massage & COVID-19

COVID-19 is now a part of life. Like any respiratory illness, there will be times when there are more COVID-19 cases in the community and times when there are fewer.

Due to the nature of massage, I can not keep a socially distanced 2m (6.5 ft) away from clients. For that reason, if you have tested positive for COVID before your massage appointment you need to cancel/reschedule; this is true whether you have symptoms or not.

In the treatment room, any area that is touched by the public is sanitized between clients. I continue to provide sanitized linens, blankets, etc for each client.

When you arrive you may come right in. If you are a little early you may wait in reception. The reception chairs are spaced apart for your safety.

Following the session, please be mindful of other clients and their concerns. I ask that you allow some space between yourself and others when making payments or rebooking in the reception area.

Masking is done at your comfort level. I don’t wear a mask normally throughout the day however, if you arrive in a mask, I will also wear a mask.  If you choose to be masked, please remember that paper masks are single-use, and cloth masks should be laundered regularly.

If you need to, please review the Province of Nova Scotia’s information on the proper donning and doffing of masks.  Additionally, you may find this video helpful.


The water cooler will not be in use to the public. However, we can always get you a glass of water if you want.

If you have any questions about the cleaning products, processes, my requirements or anything else, please make a note and contact me prior to your appointment.