Massage During COVID

Updates from April 27/21 Circuit Breaker Announcement

According to the details released following the announcement by Premier Rankin and CMO Dr. Strang – All regulated and unregulated health care professionals can remain open with an approved COVID-19 plan. There is an approved COVID-19 plan for Better Bodies by Massage that was put in place when we were re-opened in June of 2020. Minor updates were required through last summer and fall as advised by the Department of Health and Wellness and my professional association through November of 2020. Rest assured that this office holds the highest standards for your care.

While massage therapy has been deemed an essential service, not every massage is essential. In keeping with the intention of the circuit breaker for the province of Nova Scotia, to remain in effect until at least May 12, some changes will take place.

Starting April 28 through May 14, if you have an appointment scheduled, but would like to cancel it, you may do so without any cancellation fees. If you would still like to come, safety is a priority. I will be switching to a Level 3 medical mask, and to ensure further safety, will be issuing Level 2 medical masks for clients to wear for the entirety of the treatment. Cloth or non-medical masks will not be permitted.  However, this will come at a cost of $2/mask.

The government has asked that there be no unnecessary travel between communities (the municipality where you live). Please keep that in mind as you make your decision.

I have taken the booking option offline during this circuit breaker. You should contact the office directly if you have questions.

June 2020 return to work

Now that massage therapy practices can re-open, the experience will be slightly different than it was in the past.

As a client, here is what to expect.

In addition to the system-generated text or e-mail reminding you of your appointment, you will get a new intake form; a questionnaire about COVID-19 symptoms and risk, as well as an agreement for services. If it is determined that you should not attend, your appointment will be cancelled. We will discuss the steps to getting you re-booked at my office.

When you arrive for your appointment, you should wait in your car until I call you in. The reason for this is to avoid congestion in our waiting area. For your comfort and convenience, you should ensure that you are not arriving too soon before your scheduled appointment.

A complete record of all people entering the clinic is required within the return to work guidelines. If you have a travelling companion (perhaps a driver or aid to get you to your appointments) and you can enter the building on your own or with the assistance of staff, that companion should wait in the vehicle or come back later to take you home. If that is not practical, they can enter with you and then wait in our reception area. Any companions waiting in reception will be required to answer the medical screening questions, even though they are not getting services. A log will be securely kept of the name and date and time of the companion’s presence. The list is in the event of Public Health requiring information for contact tracking. Only one parent, caregiver or companion may attend the clinic with the client.

On entering the building you will be asked to go to the washroom and wash your hands following proper handwashing procedures. You will then proceed directly into the massage treatment room.

We will begin our appointment when I will ask you questions related to COVID-19 risk. We will also address your particular massage concerns for the session. If it is determined that we should not proceed, your appointment will be cancelled. We will discuss the steps to getting you re-booked at my office.

Following the session, I will ask you to remain in the treatment room until I notify you that the reception area is free to allow payment. You will be required to wash or sanitize your hands before we process the payment. To minimize the contact surfaces I will be requesting payments via credit or debit card. Please avoid cash if you can. I will not be accepting cheques. Additionally, any insurance or payment receipts will be e-mailed to you following the session. The debit or credit receipt will still be issued if you would like it.

Effective June 29th, you will be required to wear a mask for any part of the treatment in which you are lying on your back, or side. If you are over 65 or have underlying medical conditions that put you at higher risk for COVID, W.H.O. guidelines state that a medical mask is your best option. For all other clients, a cloth mask will do. Better Bodies by Massage Ltd. will NOT be providing masks. Please review the information from the Province of Nova Scotia on the proper donning and doffing of masks.  Additionally, you may find this video helpful.

I will be wearing a surgical mask during all of our interactions. 

The water cooler will not be in use. So if you are usually thirsty after a session, or if you are planning to walk or bike to the office, prepare accordingly.

If you have any questions about the cleaning products, processes, my requirements or anything else, please make a note and contact me prior to your appointment.